Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being Honest Pays!

Today, Travis had a good lesson in being honest. As we walked into a store today, he noticed what he called a credit card laying on the ground. He picked up what was actually someones debit card and brought it to me. I asked him what we should do with it and he said give it back. Not knowing who the person was on the card or if they were even still in the store, we gave it to one of the cashiers who thanked him for turning it in. As we were shopping, an elderly lady came up to Travis and told him that the cashier had told her that he was the one that found and turned in her debit card and she wanted to reward him (which I told her she didn't need to do)with a dollar for doing what was right! SO now Travy is $1 richer for doing what was right! Good job, Travis on doing what you knew was the right thing!