Sunday, February 26, 2012

Team Jacob!

This Friday, we drove down to Casper to watch Christian's youngest brother, Jacob, wrestle at the state wrestling tournament. We didn't get to Casper until after he was done wrestling that day so we grabbed some dinner and headed to our hotel. We decided to take the boys swimming before the pool was taken over by wrestlers. The boys had fun swimming despite the cold water! After swimming, we got a visit from grandpa and grandma Asay who were staying at the same hotel. Saturday morning, we met up with grandpa and grandma Asay for breakfast and then headed to the events center to hunker down for the day to watch wrestling. I decided to make the boys some shirts to wear to root for their uncle jacob. I couldn't resist putting team jacob on them! The boys were super excited to wear them!!

We watched jacob wrestle once that morning and then went to our friends house the, Lewis', for lunch and to let the boys play with their boys. We got back just in time for the championship wrestling matches. Lovell ended up having three state champion wrestlers and took second place as a team(they lost by 1 1/2 points). After watching wrestling, we headed back to our hotel for pizza and some relaxation. (carson threw up that evening and was really tired...i think he has something sgainst wrestling because last time we watched state wrestling, he threw up and he and I ended up spending the evening in our hotel room). All three boys were really good the whole time. Carson ended up having a reaction to the penicillin he had been taking to clear up a sinus infection and broke out with a rash over his whole body. Luckily, I happened to see the doctor that delivered Landon and she came and checked him out for us and is looking a lot better now that she had us stop taking the medication. It was fun to be able to watch Jacob this year and see him really improve!


Staci said...

Looks like such fun! It looks like Christian is the "bigger-little" brother to Jacob!

The Asay's said...

I love the boy's shirts. Very cute. Poor Carson. I am glad that he is doing better.

Megan Foulger Evans said...

I love the shirts! The boys look so cute in them!