Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heart Day

We had a very enjoyable Valentine's Day this year...for the most part. Carson had a party at school where they ate hot dogs and chips, looked at their Valentine's and had a pinata! Sounded like a great party to me. He informed me last night that he had a Valentine. I asked him who it was and he told me that Summer T. (a girl that rides his bus and goes to church with him) was his Valentine. I asked if she gave him anything and he said that she shared her candy with him on the bus and he shared a fruit by the foot with her. I thought it was too funny!

After school, we had Emily and her kids and Kasi and Britt come and decorate cookies with us. The kids didn't get near enough time to play together becuase we had reservations for dinner at 5:30. This year, my mother in law invited all the grandkids to come to her house for dinner and a party so that the adults could go out to dinner. We took advantage of it and made reservations at the good ole' Cowtown Cafe in Cowley. It was actually really good. Christian and I both had steaks that were great! The only downside was that we decided to bring Landon with us because I figured he would sleep the majority of the time because he hadn't napped all afternoon...well...he screamed pretty much the entire time we were there. We even had two different ladies we know take him and try and to soothe him so we could eat, but it only worked for a short amount of time. Needless to say, we snarffed down our dinners and headed back to pick up the other two. We should have just left him with grandma because he was happy as can be with grandma when we got back to her house...lesson learned! My boys were very generous to me and had a bouquet of iris' and lilies sent to me and a dozed chocolate covered strawberries! It was such a fun and yummy surprise.


dkasay said...

we had so much fun thanks for inviting us over. We will have to do it again sometime.

Matthew & Charlene said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful valentines day. All the kiddos look cute