Saturday, May 5, 2012

Among Royalty

Travis and his cousin, Kandace, were asked to be crown bearers at the Lovell High School Prom last night. Their uncle Jacob is the Junior class president and got them hooked up with the jobs. We weren't sure if Travis would do it so we really talked it up the weeks before. He was really excited about it until about noon the day of Prom. He kept saying, "I'm not going to Prom any more." We were kind of scared that he wouldn't end up doing it, but with some bribery, we were able to convince him to go. I promised him that he would get to go to the store and pick out what ever treat and pop he wanted...he picked a bad of jerky and a sprite. He and Kandace were definitely the cutest ones up there and they both did a great job!

Before we left, we did a little photo shoot outside of my handsome little man! He's such a stud!!

Travy's real side coming out!
While girls get their hair and make up done before prom, Travis prepared for Prom by getting his black cowboy boots shined and boy did they need it!

Grandma Asay and the kids before the Grand March started.

Uncle Jacob and his little helpers!

The two studs and their pink attire.
Travis and Kandace.

Uncle Jacob and his date, Rachel.

They looked a little lost at times! Travis mostly stood there chewing his gum!


The crown bearers being introduced.

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All the crown bearers.

Handing out the ribbons to the king and queen. Travis was star struck when we got to help give the  ribbon to  the young man in the center. Travis has a slight infatuation with Dino. When he pretends to wrestle or play football, he is always doing it with uncle Jacob and Dino.


Megan Foulger Evans said...

LOVE the first picture of Travis! Talk a bout GQ, baby!