Friday, May 4, 2012

Carson lost his third tooth Sunday (April 29). We have been trying for days for him to let us pull it out. It was hanging in there all crazy like so we liked to call him snaggle tooth (it was driving me crazy because it was protruding out way farther than the other ones or was always way crooked)! Every time Christian would try to pull it out, he would shrink down. Finally, at church during sacrament meeting, Carson pulled it out on his own, but then freaked out when he looked down at his hands and saw a bunch of blood! He ended up loosing the tooth once we got home. I think I accidentally threw away the kleenex he had it wrapped in when I was cleaning up the table (I told him to put it in a baggie but he didn't do it). He was quite distraught when he found out and thought that the tooth fairy wasn't going to visit him. Before bed, Carson wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining why there wasn't a tooth in hopes that she would still leave him some money. Luckily, the tooth fairy is a pretty understanding lady and left him a pack of gum and a dollar!

His letter said: Dear toothfairy
I lost my tooth. Sorry I lost it. Love, Carson


JulieAnn said...

That's so cute! I swallowed one of my baby teeth when I was a kid and I wrote a similar note. The toothfairy is a nice lady!

Matthew & Charlene said...

Love the letter to the tooth fairy. What a nice lady for still leaving him some money.