Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New neighbors

Last year when we moved to Lovell, we kept finding dead water snakes under one of the large trees in our yard. We never really thought much of it except that it was kind of creeping me out to have snakes everywhere until we were outside one night and saw a baby owl sitting on a limb of the tree. We then figured out that the parent owls were bringing them to the babies to eat. Well, we have new neighbors again this year. The same owl (we are assuming) has returned to the same nest and has some babies again. We noticed egg shells on the ground this year and kept an eye our for the babies. We saw them for the first time this last week. It's sure fun to go out and watch the mom sit out on the branch. We've only seen the baby once, but we always look for it or them...we don't know how many there are.
The baby owl. It's so fuzzy!

This is the momma owl sitting out on a branch keeping an eye out.

It was looking right at us. It's really a cool looking bird!


Staci said...

That would be sweet to have an owl in our tree...but I could do without the snakes!

Brittany H. said...

That is awesome! So cool, and at least the snakes are dead, right?