Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving cows

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Christian's family brought home their cows from their summer pasture in Dry Head, home for the winter. We were only able to join in on the adventure on Saturday, however. Friday they trailed the cows from Dry Head to the first set of corrals. Saturday, we helped bring them from the first set of corrals to some more by the fish hatchery. After they cows were in the corrals, we went back home and moved more cows from one pasture to another. Sunday, the guys were up bright and early and left at 5:30 a.m. to finish trailing from the fish hatchery corrals to their pasture on the farm. The boys were so excited that they got to help all day Saturday and were super sad when they found out that by the time we were done with church Sunday, so were the big guys with moving cows. 
Travis and Carson ready to ride.

Carson and Stetson riding behind the dusty heard.

Carson the cowboy.
The herd and the crew.
Our family!
Carson enjoying his favorite kind of chips after moving cows.

Grandpa Asay arrived with a truck load of feed for the cows shortly after we arrived at the corrals.
Landon enjoyed some licorice on the ride and enjoyed sharing is a crazy smile! What a cheeser!!

Landon and Christian walking behind the cows.

My little cowboy, Travis!

Travis got this hat the day before we chased cows and didn't leave the house without it! We definitely couldn't loose him!

Travis taking a turn on the 4-wheeler with Christian.
While we were moving the second set of cows, we were stopped and the kids decided to throw some dirt clods. Well, Carson walked in front of where they were being thrown and got a clod to the head courtesy of his brother. He bleed quite a bit and had a nice goose egg as a result!


The Asay's said...

We love all the pictures. The boys look like they had a blast!