Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Happenings!

Our Halloween was crazy as usual this year. Our Halloween activities started at two when we went to the elementary school to watch the costume parade. Each class got to go up on stage and dance to some halloween music for a bit and then exit off the stage for the next class. 
Carson leading his class into the gym.

Carson is the swamp monster in the middle.

Carson's class dancing away!
 After the party, we had signed up to help with the classroom Halloween party, so we went with Carson back to his class. They each got to make a  fruit pizza and have some other snacks as well. After some treats, they played a game of musical chairs before it was time to go home.

Carson chose to have chocolate frosting on his fruit pizza.

Travis even got to have one!

Playing musical chairs.
 After school, we began our rounds to see all the grandmas and grandpas. We started at Great Grandma Asay's house, then met grandpa and grandma Foulger at the parking lot of the church, had to stop and get Travis a new bucket because his broke while we were with grandpa and grandma Foulger and then ran out and visited grandpa and grandma Asay for a bit. We had a ward Trunk or treat at 5:30, so we hit that up, ran to see grandma Dorothy, picked up our pizza for dinner and then drove to Cowley to visit Grandpa Monk and Donna. It was a full afternoon/evening, but the kids had fun and got a TON of candy!
Me and my scary monsters.

This was the sun rise this morning when I sent Carson out to the bus. It was beautiful!


The Asay's said...

So nice to have grandma's and grandpa's close to trick or treat. Hopefully some day we will too :)

dkasay said...

we wre hoping to see you all out and about on Halloween. looks like you had some pretty cool/cute monsters with you. looks like you guys had fun and were busy busy just like us.

Staci said...

BeaUtiFUL sunrise picture. Looks like your Halloween was full of fun. We miss those monsters around here.