Sunday, November 11, 2012

State Football

This weekend we followed the Lovell Bulldog team down to Laramie, Wyoming to cheer on Jacob in the State 2A football game. We left Friday afternoon around 1, just ahead of a storm that was scheduled to hit Wyoming. When we arrived in Laramie, we grabbed some dinner with grandpa and grandma Asay at one of our favorite restaurants from when we were going to the University of Wyoming, Corona Village. It was as yummy as I remembered it being! After dinner, we let the kids swim in the pool. That night, the storm had made it's way to the south part of the state leaving a layer of snow on the ground for us. Thankfully, they had been calling for it so we were prepared with warm clothes and blankets! We ran a few errands before heading to the game that morning. The weather was actually not too bad for us to sit through. The game was awesome, even though the Bulldogs ended up loosing by 2 points. We were glad we got to be there to support uncle Jacob! After the game, we grabbed some lunch, ran a couple more errands and then headed home. We had bad roads pretty much the entire way home which made our traveling a lot slower. The boys were sure excited, though, today when they woke up and saw all the snow on the ground!

Landon's cheesy face as he enjoys the hot tub.
Travis and Carson had fun going from the pool to the hot tub!
All bundled up and waiting for the game
Grandma and Landon enjoying the game.
The team coming out to play in War Memorial Stadium

Uncle Jacob!
The Lovell Bulldogs!
The boys outside the stadium before we went in. They were pretty excited to be going to the same place that the Wyoming Cowboys play football at!

Carson and Travis had to go outside and play in all the snow we had gotten over the weekend!


Megan Foulger Evans said...

I love Landon's cheeser face. Looks like fun!

Orewon said...

it is good to readaybabg