Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New blog

I have started a new blog because I have filled my picture quota and don't want to have to purchase more space or delete my stuff yet. So, if you are a dedicated follower, follow us over to to keep up with our family. We have many things to catch up on!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Our Thanksgiving was great this year. We started our holiday with lunch with Christian's family. It ended up only being us, his parents, and youngest brother, and Matthew and Charlene and Ian this year, which was quite a change. After lunch, we sat around for a bit, had some pie and then made our way over to Powell to have dinner with my family. This year, my sister and her husband, Jabin, Jason and his girlfriend, Cassie, my parents and us were there. We are so grateful for all the family that we have and for the opportunity to be able to spend time with them!

We kept Landon occupied with marshmallows...some to eat and some to decorate his head with.

The boys helped make place setting cards for everyone and filled them with little goodies.
 On Friday, while the guys all went to work, my mom, sister and I got our craft on. We made some really cute snowmen!
Megan, grandma and Landon working on the snowmen.

One cheesy little helper.

Megan sanding away.

After Carson and Travis got back from helping work cows, they too did a little crafting and make some sun catchers.

This was the finished project...minus some arms! 
 Sunday, we got together with all of Christian's family for dinner before his brother Matthew and his family had to head back to Washington. We managed to get a picture of all the grand kids together!
Janelle, Kandace, Carson, Britt, Stetson, Ian, Travis and Landon!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving ABC's

Today we got to be guests in Carson's classroom and hear his class's reader's theater, The ABC's of Thanksgiving. It was all about what they had learned in class about the first Thanksgiving. They had been practicing for a couple of weeks on their parts, and you could really tell. They all sounded great! Carson had four parts and did a great job! After the program, we got to enjoy some refreshments and see all of their art work. 
Carson and his class all ready to present their program.

My little pilgrim.

Reading one of his parts.

Travis was sure excited to get to go to school and see his big brother.

Each of the kids were in charge of helping create the back drop. Carson said that he made the log house all by himself. I thought he did a really good job!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday kick-off!

Yesterday was our town's kick off to the holiday season. There were lots of things going on all day around town. We decided to take part in a few of them through out the day. After lunch, we went to the theater to watch a frees showing of the Grinch. Even though we own the movie and have watched it a million times it seems, the kids enjoyed going to the theater and having popcorn and treats and sitting with their cousins. After the movie, we went to the fire hall where the boys made some crafts and then we stood in line forever to santa. The two older boys were pretty excited to see Santa and tell him what he wanted...Landon, on the other hand, hated every minute of it! It was a fun way to start the holidays. I can't believe it's already that time of year!

Carson and Travis decorating some magnets.

Landon enjoyed a yummy sugar cookie while we waited in line to see Santa.

Oh the joys of meeting Santa!

Making Santas. 
Landon has a new obsession with the stairs! We can't keep him away from them and haven't been able to find a baby gate that is wide enough to fit across the top of our stairs. One of his newest favorite things to do is take toys and throw them down and then go down after it! This fun little game has resulted in a few new bumps and bruises, as you can see. He always makes it down the long set of stairs, but for some reason, falls down the last two that lead to our basement which is unfinished, which means no carpet and cement! Poor little guy has been sporting this nice little goose egg for a couple days now! I guess he will figure it out sooner or later!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

State Football

This weekend we followed the Lovell Bulldog team down to Laramie, Wyoming to cheer on Jacob in the State 2A football game. We left Friday afternoon around 1, just ahead of a storm that was scheduled to hit Wyoming. When we arrived in Laramie, we grabbed some dinner with grandpa and grandma Asay at one of our favorite restaurants from when we were going to the University of Wyoming, Corona Village. It was as yummy as I remembered it being! After dinner, we let the kids swim in the pool. That night, the storm had made it's way to the south part of the state leaving a layer of snow on the ground for us. Thankfully, they had been calling for it so we were prepared with warm clothes and blankets! We ran a few errands before heading to the game that morning. The weather was actually not too bad for us to sit through. The game was awesome, even though the Bulldogs ended up loosing by 2 points. We were glad we got to be there to support uncle Jacob! After the game, we grabbed some lunch, ran a couple more errands and then headed home. We had bad roads pretty much the entire way home which made our traveling a lot slower. The boys were sure excited, though, today when they woke up and saw all the snow on the ground!

Landon's cheesy face as he enjoys the hot tub.
Travis and Carson had fun going from the pool to the hot tub!
All bundled up and waiting for the game
Grandma and Landon enjoying the game.
The team coming out to play in War Memorial Stadium

Uncle Jacob!
The Lovell Bulldogs!
The boys outside the stadium before we went in. They were pretty excited to be going to the same place that the Wyoming Cowboys play football at!

Carson and Travis had to go outside and play in all the snow we had gotten over the weekend!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Chunkin' the pumpkin!

The other day, Travis headed outside with his sword to play. When I went to check on him, this is what I found...he had totally mutilated Landon's pumpkin with his sword! After he picked up all his mess, I decided to let him try and break apart his pumpkin since they were starting to get a little wilty. It proved to be a bit harder because it was thicker, but it gave him a chance to get any frustrations out of his system that he needed too!

Landon's destroyed pumpkin!
Trying to break his apart.

He tried poking it to see if that would work.

Landon thought that maybe adding some dirt would help.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things that make me smile!

I love this sight outside my sliding glass window! Last Friday, the neighborhood boys were all outside in our yard playing some sort of war/army guy game. It was hilarious to watch random boys fall to the ground as they got "shot" and then pop up and continue on their way. At one point, they put all their weapons on the side walk, lined up back by the boat, counted to three and then took off towards the sidewalk, picked up their weapons and started fighting! It was so fun to watch the imagination at work!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Christian spent all of last week on a "work" trip in South Dakota where he went pheasant hunting, um I mean working, with a group of guys from a chemical company. They hunted around a town called Selby. From the looks of it, they were quite successful and had a good time! 

A couple of his birds.

Hanging out with the bird dogs.

I think these are such cool pictures! Look at all those birds.

My mighty hunter!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving cows

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Christian's family brought home their cows from their summer pasture in Dry Head, home for the winter. We were only able to join in on the adventure on Saturday, however. Friday they trailed the cows from Dry Head to the first set of corrals. Saturday, we helped bring them from the first set of corrals to some more by the fish hatchery. After they cows were in the corrals, we went back home and moved more cows from one pasture to another. Sunday, the guys were up bright and early and left at 5:30 a.m. to finish trailing from the fish hatchery corrals to their pasture on the farm. The boys were so excited that they got to help all day Saturday and were super sad when they found out that by the time we were done with church Sunday, so were the big guys with moving cows. 
Travis and Carson ready to ride.

Carson and Stetson riding behind the dusty heard.

Carson the cowboy.
The herd and the crew.
Our family!
Carson enjoying his favorite kind of chips after moving cows.

Grandpa Asay arrived with a truck load of feed for the cows shortly after we arrived at the corrals.
Landon enjoyed some licorice on the ride and enjoyed sharing is a crazy smile! What a cheeser!!

Landon and Christian walking behind the cows.

My little cowboy, Travis!

Travis got this hat the day before we chased cows and didn't leave the house without it! We definitely couldn't loose him!

Travis taking a turn on the 4-wheeler with Christian.
While we were moving the second set of cows, we were stopped and the kids decided to throw some dirt clods. Well, Carson walked in front of where they were being thrown and got a clod to the head courtesy of his brother. He bleed quite a bit and had a nice goose egg as a result!