Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Randomness from the Past Week

Well, this last week has been pretty uneventful, thus the reason for a lack of blogging. We are leaving tomorrow to head home for Matthew and Charlene's wedding. We are pretty excited about going...not so excited about the traveling! We are headed to Laramie tomorrow where we will stay with Michael and Emily. Emily and I are going to get pedicures tomorrow night and I'm so looking forward to that! My little piggies could definately use some TLC! Friday morning we are headed the rest of the way home. The wedding is Saturday and Sunday we have to come all the way back home (not fun!). But, we are so excited to be able to see everyone! Christian hasn't been home since December so he's especially excited to be home! Well, here are some pics from the last week...enjoy...

Last weekend we went to a little "carnival" that one of the grocery stores was having. They had some little games for the kids to play, a big bouncy castle, and jungle slip 'n' slide, along with 25cent hot dogs, cotton candy, pop, and chips. It wasn't very exciting, but I think that Carson had a good time.

Carson painting his little car. The whole idea was for him to paint it when I was going to be working on a painting project of my own, but he just couldn't wait!

Tonight for YW we had a drive-in movie night. Last week each girl got a box and created their own car out of it. This week, they "drove" them to the drive-in. It was hilarious to watch them Fred Flinstone their way to the room where we had the movie. We watched a movie, had caramel corn, pop, chocolate, and pretzels. I was so impressed with how much effort they put into making their cars. I really didn't expect them to turn out as cute as they did. Each of the girls recieved an award for their car along with a little toy car because I thought they did such a good job. It was quite funny to see these girls try and fit into their boxes. We have one girl that's about the right size to do it, but the other ones were quite too big for their boxes! I think a couple of them ended breaking out the back of their boxes trying to fit in them. I only made them stay in long enough for me to take a picture...they were good sports about it!

Carson riding Christian's work 4-wheeler with his new cowboy boots. We had to finally retire his other ones a couple of weeks ago. I decided it was definately time when we were both lying on our backs on his bed one Sunday before church trying with all our might to get them to go on.
Opening up a package from mema Foulger....thanks! Carson assumes that when ever the big brown truck (UPS) pulls up in front of our house that it's a package for him...and most of the time he's right! He gets so excited when he sees it! He stands at the window and watches the guy until he gets to the door. This time when the truck pulled up, it took him forever to get to the door and I thought Carson was going to explode waiting. I was hoping that he wasn't going to the neighbor's house because I would have had a very disappointed little guy!