Thursday, December 18, 2008

I think I'm the last... to fill out this survey! The husband survey, that is!
5 Things he loves
*his boys
*me...for some strange reason
*the rest of his family
*being outside

5 Things on his to do list
*finish Carson's corrals (by tomorrow nite...we're having Christmas early)
*fill out the address labels for our Christmas cards to send to his farmers
*get as much soil sampling done as possible before the ground freezes (but he might already be too late)
*Go to a live Nativity
*get his 4-wheeler battery repaired

5 Foods he enjoys
*any drink, namely milkshakes...especially as a treat at night
*China Buffet in Powell
*anything his mom makes
*death by chocolate

5 things you may not know about him
*as soon as he gets home he changes into comfy shorts
*he hates softened ice cream
*he's just as addicted to blogging as I am
*he would rather sleep on the ground
*he talks in his sleep...bad! (one time he yelled You damn Betty Crocker)

5 quirky things about him
*he gags after brushing his teeth in the morning but only in the morning...not a night
*he only picks his nose with his left hand because he says he can't get the right angle with the other one
*he sleeps with his arms behind his head and one leg crossed over the other one
*he's quite good at making up songs to sing to his boys & they are pretty creative and funny!
*he consistantly gives himself manicures and pedicures...sort of -he's pretty particular about how long his finger/toenails get


Teri said...

Hahaha That was great! Good job with that survey Jill.

Brenda said...

What did Betty Crocker do?

Emily Asay said...

That was some interesting information...that i never new about christian. Will he make up some songs for stetson, too?? :)

Phillips Family said...

Um, who isn't addicted to blogging? Despite the fact that many think it is one sided in a marriage, it rarely is. We loved the survey, it was very funny.

Ranee` said...

I can't stop laughing long enough to write a good comment! :D