Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some Holiday Happenings!

Tuesday night, Carson and I went to Santa's workshop at the college. They had games, crafts, and of course...Santa. I wasn't too sure how Carson would react to him this year, but he sat right down with him. When I asked him what he told Santa he wanted for Christmas he told me tractors and a truck. This is news to me...he's never told us anything he has wanted!

We finally got our tree up...yeah! Christian, Carson and I put it up last night and started to decorate it. I got was stringing the lights and found that I was 2 strands too short, so I had to run and get more lights today. Carson and I couldn't wait until we were totally done with the lights to decorate, so we decorated the tree anyways last night (plus I knew I was going to be doing a little rearranging of the ornaments due to my good little helper :))! Carson was so excited about putting it up this year. He kept telling me the the tree was awesome and the lights were beautiful. His favorite ornaments are the silver tractors Christian gave me for my birthday the first year we were married and a snow globe that plays music. He loves to turn it on and listen to the music. It's going to be such a fun Christmas with him this year...I can hardly wait!


Stacey said...

Pretty tree! That is fun that you went to see Santa and Carson told Santa what he wanted and not you! :) Carson is at a great age for the whole magic of the season! Enjoy! Great family photo at the top of your blog!

Unknown said...

Kids make Christmas so much fun!!! Weston saw to it that our tree was up and decorated the same day we chopped it down! I love that Christen got YOU tractors for YOUR birthday! I guess he brought out the tractor lover in you! Carson didn't stand a chance:)