Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bear Lake Adventures!

This last Thursday through Sunday, the boys and I had the chance to travel to Bear Lake, UT (well, actually the house was in Lake Haven, ID) with Christian's mom, grandma, Charlene and baby Ian. Christian's aunt is part owner of a lake house there and invited us all the come and play for the weekend...and playing is what we did! We arrived Thrusday evening about 5. Their lake house was beautiful and right on the water! There were six rooms in the house, so each of us had our own room and each of them had their own cute theme. Diane picked the perfect room for us...the cowboy room! We couldn't contain ourselves after we got the tour of the house and had to get in the water. Carson went for a ride on the jet ski and Travis and I mostly hung out at the shore playing. We enjoyed some yummy shrimp and steak kabobs that Christian's aunt, Diane, made for us for dinner that night. Friday, we played in the water in the morning until lunch time and then came in for lunch and naps and some card games. After naps, we went and shopped in a few little stores in town and then came back for dinner. That evening, Christian's other aunt, Renae and her son, Peyton arrived followed by my sister and her fiance, Jabin to make the party even more exciting! Megan and Jabin took all the little boys out for some rides on the jet skiies and they had a blast! We stayed up way too late playing cards that night! Saturday, we got up, ate breakfast, and then headed out to the lake, which is like 20 steps from their back door, to play. My sister came over from Logan again to hang out that day and Jabin came later that evening. Saturday was Renae's birthday, so we celebrated with dinner out, pictures by the bear sculptures, and cake and ice cream. My sister was able to stay pretty late Saturday night...and it was so fun to see and get to talk to her while she was here! Sunday, we packed up our stuff and headed home about 9:30. We had SO much fun and are so glad that Diane invited us all to come and hang out for the weekend! It would be so much fun to have all the boys be able to come next year and party with us too!

This is the view from the house we stayed at...beautiful!

Travis loved the fact that there was a hot and cold spicket for the hose outside. That kid would have showered in the hot water if we had let him!

Megan and Jabin taking all the little kids for an evening ride.

Jan, Charlene, Ranea, Grandma Dorothy, and Diane haning out.

Getting ready to head out on the tube.

Beautiful ladies...Grandma Asay and her two sisters: Ranae and Diane!

Hanging out on the dock catching some rays.

Picture time!

These next two pictures capture Travy's mood the entire weekend perfectly...he was kind of a pill the whole time!

We enjoyed a beautiful large moon at night.

The cowboy room we stayed in. It was so cute!

On our way home, we say two different groups of male big horn sheep. They were pretty impressive!


Staci said...

What such fun summer activities! Looks like a great weekend and Travis must be getting closer to that 3 year old age! By the time Jackson is out of it I think Axel will be right in it!

Phillips Family said...

Oh man...we love Bear Lake. Such a fun is no Hawaii, but as close as we are going to get here in the mountains.