Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Days of Freedom

Today, is our last day of freedom as we know it! Tomorrow, Carson starts kindergarten, so our days of doing pretty much what we want when we want are coming to a close! Carson is excited to start...I'm a little sad that I'm loosing my helper! With school starting tomorrow, we have been tryingt to take advantage of our last few days of summer as much as we can. Last weekend, I was able to spend a girl's weekend with my mom, sister and her two best friends from Logan! It was the first time that I had taken a weekend by myself and left my boys behind. We got to spend the weekend wedding dress shopping with my sister, eating yummy foods, watching chick flicks while cheesecake factory cheesecakes and just having fun being girls! Here we are at a Japanesse bbq place where they cooked our food right in front of us.
We also were invited to a bbq at Michael and Emily's right before Matthew and Charlene had to head back to Washington for school. It was fun to be all together (minus Christian's brother Daniel who was working out of town and his other one who is on a mission) one last time! We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then made homemade frozen strawberry yogurt for dessert...yum!

Here the boys are taking their turn cranking the yogurt. They thought it was pretty cool to do it...non of the adults argued with their wanting to do it.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful day at the lake with my family! The weather was perfect and made for a great day on the lake. We even convinced Carson to try the kneeboard...he agreed to do it with his dad behind. Next summer I think he will be ready to do it on his own!

Christian learned how to slalom on his first try this trip!

Carson and grandpa Foulger hanging out in the water.

On Wednesday, my sister in law, Emily and I took our kids out to the lake to have a picnic and enjoy the beach. My boys always ask if they can go play at the beach when we are done boating, but by the time we are done boating, we are ready to head home so we don't usually play at the beach. Plus, with the water being so high this year, there hasn't been any "beach" unitl just recently. They kids had a blast playing with their cousins in the water and sand!

The older boys thought it was fun to get their splash bombs all wet and then squeeze the water on their younger siblings' heads. The little ones thought it was fun at first but quickly got over it!

We are sad to see our summer days go, but will enjoy the nice weather while we just never know when it's going to turn cold...we do live in Wyoming!