Sunday, August 7, 2011

Savage Family Reunion

This last week, the boys and I traveled with my parents to the Savage family reunion. Every two years, my mom and her siblings, get together and have a family reunion. It's always fun to see family members we don't get to see often. This reunion, was held by my mom's sister, Janet, and her family in Drummond, MT. We enjoyed four days and three nights with lots of extended family (there were around 115 of us out of 160 something people), yummy food, and lots of fun activities. The reunion started Wednesday evening with dinner and visiting. The kids had a bounce house and a sand volleyball pit to keep them occupied a lot of the time. Thursday, we were up bright and early with breakfast duty (each family is in charge of preparing, serving and then cleaning up an meal). After breakfast, my mom and I ran to a surprise bridal shower for my cousin who is getting married in November. After the shower and lunch, my dad, the boys and I floated the river with a group of family. It was a really calm, 30 minute float, which made it nice for all ages. After our float it was time for the traditional games of indian leg wrestling and foot races. The highlight was the candy scramble where the kids had to look through straw to find candy and prizes...and they came away with some good prizes. That night we had dinner and then a dj came and played music for people to dance to. Friday, was the much anticipated Reunion Rodeo. My aunt's family owns a ranch and they arranged for some fun and exciting rodeo events up in their corrals. There was mutton busting, calf riding, cow riding, cow milking, and roping competitions, along with a chicken scramble and a race to pull off a ribbon from a calf...and even a rodeo clown! I signed Carson and Travis both up for the the mutton bustin' and chicken scramble. Travis whimped out on me at the last second for the mutton busting, but Carson rode. His sheep didn't want to go very bad, so he didn't get much for a ride, but he tried it! Both the boys did the chicken scramble and Travis even won! There were three chickens in a fence and the kids ran around and tried to catch the chickens. Travis caught the second chicken and was so proud of himself! After all the events, we went back and had a nap, ate dinner and then enjoyed a talent/story telling show and family pictures. Saturday, we said our goodbyes and packed up our gear and headed home. I am so thankful for the family that I have been blessed to be a part of. We might be crazy and a little weird, but we have fun and I love them all! Thanks Charlie and Janet and family for all your hard work in planning a great reunion and we look forward to the one in two years!

Floating the river.

Game time!

Carson was absolutley in heaven while we were there. There were tons of kids to play with and we had the entire campground reserved, so I hardly saw him between friends, riding his bike and playing in the sand! He loved every minute of it!

Candy scramble!

Dance time! Everyone was doing some sort of line dance!

Reunion Rodeo!

My cousin Adam being the rodeo clown

Travis enjoying some lunch after all the rodeo action!

Chicken scramble.

Carson came so close to catching a chicken like four times, but he just couldn't bring himself to actually grab one!

Travis and his winning chicken/turkey thing! He was so proud of himself!!

Family pictures...and no...we did not plan the corrdinating shirts! :)

This is where Carson spent a majority of his time...riding his bike. He loved that he could ride all around the campground and not worry about cars. He's never really had a chance to ride his bike much because we lived on a hill in Nebraska and now we live in the country on a dirt road and that doesn't work so well with training wheels!

The group waiting for the program to start. They pulled in a trailer to use a stage.

We ended the last night with a beautiful double rainbow!


Emily Asay said...

looks fuN! family reunions are always a good time. :) i love the pic of carson chasing the chicken. i don' t think i could bring myself to grab it, either :)

Matthew & Charlene said...

Looks like a blast. I love family reunions. Love all the pictures of Carson riding the sheep and Travis chasing the chicken.

Staci said...

Such a fun family reunion. Looks like a great time and lots of fun memories for the boys.

Megan Foulger said...

good pics, sister!! it looks like it was lots and lots of fun!!! I really wish I could have been there. Glad you guys got to go and enjoy all our crazy fam!!!