Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday outting

Sunday, after we were all done with lunch, naps and such, we decided to go take a drive and check cows for something to do since it was so nice. When Christian and I were first married, we had late chuch so we would go check calves in the morning before church and I loved it. I love seeing all the baby cows and just spending time together. Sadly, this was the first time this year that I have gone. We loaded up in the truck and headed out. We ended up meeting grandpa and grandma Asay, Matthew, Charlene and Ian, and Jacob on the road checking the cows too! We raced to see who could find the first calf that needed to be tagged, and we won! The boys are pretty good at seeing the ones that don't have tags yet. Here are some pictures from our adventures!

The boys ready to go!

Hey, we know you guys!

The deer were even out enjoying the nice afternoon. We saw a couple herds of deer and a bald eagle out and about.

Travis and Uncle Matthew checking out a calf

Landon and I waiting in the truck for Christian to get back.