Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Buckaroo!

Travis is our little cowboy! He loves anything that goes with cowboy! He loves his cowboy boots, cowboy shirts, his stick horse, cowboy hat (he has a few he rotates through), riding on his dad's or brother's or uncle's back like he's riding a bull, etc... His grandpa Asay has been so nice to come and pick Travis up just about every morning to help him check for new calves and tag them. Travis is LOVES getting to go and alwasys looks forward it...he gets dressed as soon as he gets up most of the time so "he can be ready when grandpa gets here" he tells me! The other morning, Stan didn't come in the morning and Travis came into the kitchen asking if I had any tags to tag the calves with. We quickly made up some paper tags for him, he wrote "numbers" on the tags, got his tagger (the 3 hole punch), and would run into the living room, tackle a calf (a stuffed animal horse Landon got for Christmas) and tag it's ear. It was so hilarious to watch, but he knew exactly what to do...he even had to come get some "medicine" for one of the calves that wasn't feeling good! He even made me tag the calves while he held them down, but informed me I wasn't as good as grandpa! Thanks, grandpa Asay for making Travis feel important each day...he sure looks forward to helping you out!

Just got done writing the numbers on the tag

Tagging the calf

He does a pretty good job!
All done...and done in record time!

Our handsome little cowboy! Love that kid!!


Kara said...

What a doll! He is so handsome. And you are such a good mom!

dkasay said...

got to love that kid he is so stinking cute and he does such a good job with taging i am sure.

Grandma Arlene said...

Awesome post!! What a fun and funny kid. Adorable.

Matthew & Charlene said...

We just love that little buckaroo. He cracks us up.

Megan Foulger Evans said...

This is seriously too cute! He is one awesome cowboy!