Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Paddy's Day

This year, some sneaky little Leprochauns made a visit to our house and left us a fun surprise. The boys woke up to a big box of Lucky Charms and to their surprise, green milk! Travis was quite upset by the green milk and wasn't sure he wanted any, but after Carson tried it and said it tasted like regular milk, he was ok with it! We also had a green meal planned for that night but ended up going to grandma and grandpa Asay's house for dinner and homemade ice cream before Matthew and Charlene had to leave to go back to Washington. We ended up having our green meal that consisted of green sour krout with sausages over green mashed potatoes, rainbow fruit skewers with green fruit dip, a green drink and some Russian salad Sunday for dinner.

Travis enjoying his Lucky Charms left by the Leprochaun

Making some triple fruit (bananas, lemons, and oranges) ice cream. It. was. DELICIOUS!

Travy taking his turn giving the ice cream a turn

All the Asay grandkids. It was late and the kids had had it (well atleast my littlest one had)!


dkasay said...

so cute, what a fun st pattys day you had.