Monday, March 12, 2012

Some first tastes!

One of the things that we find humorous as parents is, mean as it might be, feeding the boys foods just to see how they will react! The other day, Christian decided to give Landon a taste of a dill pickle. The pictures show how he reacted to the initial taste. After a few tastes, he actually seemed to like them and wanted to keep chewing on it. Up to this point, Landon has gotten to taste ice cream (he is an Asay after all), chew on a carrot, some jello salad and some apple. The reactions have all been about the same on the first taste but then he seems to like them!


Emily Asay said...

he's gonna have lots of hair on his chest! thats for sure! michael keeps sneaking all sorts of stuff to janelle that she's not supposed to have. its funny how you get to lenient with each kid.