Monday, April 30, 2012

Round 2

This winter, Christian's boss gave us two little kitties. The boys loved them! A couple months ago, we realized we hadn't seen either of them for a couple of days. The boys didn't really think much of it at first. I guess they thought they would come back. After they never returned, we decided we should get some more. Last week, Christian surprised the boys with two more kitties! A lady that Christian works with had a cat that had a large litter and was willing to give us a couple of. The boys were so excited to have new kitties to replace Mr. Fluffy socks and Machine gun (man I loved those names). The mommy cat ended up leaving the babies so we got them a little earlier than we had planned, but they have enjoyed having them to play with. This time, Travis named his gray one Grayie, and Carson named his Stripes. Let's hope these ones stick around for longer!
The boys seeing what their surprise was in the box.

Travis and Grayie and Carson and  Stripes.


The boys sitting and watching the kitties play outside.


Phillips Family said...

Oh come on, Mr. Fluffy Socks and Machine Gun cannot be beat. Best pet names we have ever heard of.

dkasay said...

I was just waiting to hear what travis had named this one it's pretty good but machine gun makes me laugh everytime.

Emily Asay said...

i just got caught up on all the fun packed stuff going on with you guys! yay for kitties, riding bikes and shooting guns! ::)

Brittany H. said...

hahaha The names are great!