Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bike Rodeo

The first weekend we were in our new house, the city held a bike rodeo for the kids in town. Each kid got to bring their bike to the high school parking lot where they were each given a nice bright shirt and a new helmet. They then got to go through an obstacle course, learn how to cross the street with their bikes, learn how to look for cars by looking over their left shoulder, see how fast they could peddle, and then got to have their bikes inspected and anything fixed on them that needed to be fixed. They sure had fun, but were a little disappointed that they didn't win one of the many bikes or motorized scooters! Maybe next year we will win one!
Travis and Carson waiting for their turn to go through the obstacle course.

Carson listening to instructions.

Travis learning how to look for cars.

Carson speeding along on his bike going 5 mph

Travy got up to 5 mph too!

Carson getting fitted for a new helmet.