Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day!

Well, this really isn't about our Labor Day, but Friday, Christian went outside to turn the sprinklers on and found this surprise in our yard. A huge Bull snake skin that had been shed! I guess I'm just glad it was the skin and not the actual snake...although it freaks me out to think that there IS a snake around the yard this big! Talk about yucky!!

 The cows by our house have been getting out a lot lately, so Christian was busy this weekend chasing them back in. The boys were excited because it meant that they got to go for rides on the 4=wheeler with dad! Landon especially loved it when Christian would goose it a bit.

Now, on to our Labor Day weekend. Our weekend didn't actually go as we had originally planned. A couple months ago, we decided that we would make a trip down to Nebraska to visit our friends. In the mean time, we ended up finding a house, putting in an offer on it and got an accepted offer and we are due to close on it tomorrow (Sept. 4). As it got closer and closer to our trip, we just felt like we should stay home and get some things done around the house before we close. We were SUPER sad to not go to Nebraska to see everyone, but in the long run, it was better that we didn't go. Friday, I took Landon to the Dr. because he had a weird rash/blisters on his chin, legs, diaper area and hands and feet. Come to find out, he had hand, foot and mouth disease along with impetigo on his chin! Yuck! We just thought he was teething and that's why he hadn't felt really great, but we were wrong! Friday night, Carson threw up and didn't feel well Saturday and Travis woke up Saturday with his mouth/throat hurting (we think he might have gotten HFM too).So, we spent most of the weekend at home with sick kids, packing boxes...we didn't even go to the lake like we had hoped we might be able to. 
Landon's poor legs.

He had these blister type bumps on his knees and lower legs and bum.
The blisters on the bottom of his feet. I never could get a picture of the palms of his hands, but they looked similar.
But on a happier note, Saturday was Travis' 4th birthday. It was weird because he didn't feel great and we didn't party with any of our family. He got to open some gifts from us,though, to celebrate! We are partying with our families this weekend to make up for it!
Travis and his presents.

The one thing Travis said he wanted for his birthday was a scooter!

Carson helping his brother open presents.

He opened up this present and was so excited to see the corn dogs! It actually had a new bulldog shirt in it and another shirt.
Travis enjoying his new scooter.
Monday, everyone was feeling better so we joined in on the annual Asay family picnic on Sheep Mountain. It's quite the scary drive up there, but it's always fun to cook lunch and then go looking for fossils.
Grandma Asay and the kids getting ready to go on a hike.

On the way back from the short hike.

Grandma Asay, Daniel, Jacob, Grandpa Asay and Christian getting some lunch.

Travis hanging out in the back of the truck while the guys were shooting guns.
Landon and I hanging out watching the guns being shot.
Christian showing Travis how to shoot.

Christian giving Carson some pointers before he let him shoot this gun by himself for the first time.

Jacob was playing the drums on Landon's tummy and he was totally relaxed.

Travis, Kandace, Britt, Daniel and Grandma Asay looking for some fossils.

Searching for fossils.

On the hike to see if we could find any fossils.

Our little family!

Carson, Travis, and Kandace on the rock ledge.

Grandma Dorothy and Grandma Asay.

Daniel and Britt and Christian with Landon putting out the vibes.

Hiking back.

Carson was able to catch a horny toad on our way back to the picnic area.
After our picnic, we went back and made homemade frozen yogurt. Travis was practicing his bull riding skills on the fence.

And just because Landon is so cute!


The Asay's said...

Man your poor kids. HFM is a bummer. Looks like you guys had a great Labor day though. Good luck with moving!

Staci said...

Glad that you could use the weekend to get kids feeling better and ready for the move, but it was a bummer not to have you come visit. And yikes on that snake! Hopefully it moved right through your yard leaving only it's skin behind.

The LaPierre Crew said...

Yay for Labor Day! It's funny because we got Wyatt a scooter for his birthday too...he LOVES it! Can't wait to see the new HOUSE!!! Happy Moving!!!