Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weaning calves

Yesterday, we spent the day up in Dry Head weaning the calves and bringing them home to the Asay farm. This year's team consisted of Christian, Daniel, who drove trucks back and forth between the mountain and the farm, Jacob, Grandpa Asay (drove), a group of people with the Snells (who own the land that the Asay's run their cows on), Kasi and Britt, Grandma Asay and the boys and I. The guys made two trips out to gather cows, and we sat back while the kids played and cooked hamburgers for lunch. The boys, as usual, had a great time riding and playing with the other kids.I love going into Dry Head this time of year because the trees are starting to change and it is just beautiful!  The weather was just perfect with just a few drops of rain as we were packing things up. It won't be long, until they go back in and bring the rest of the cows home until next summer.
Landon and Christian. Landon is wearing a cowboy shirt that was Christian's when he was about  this age!

Checking out the cows. Landon LOVES cows and can tell you what they say when you ask him.

The guys getting ready to load a group of calves into the truck.

Loading them up!

The boys had a great time playing up in the trees. They had a little club house up there that they kept going to .

Christian, grandma Asay, Jacob, Robbie, Carson and Kalen talking with Cory Snell.

The guys headed out on the last ride to gather another group of cows.

A look at the corrals from on top of a little hill.

Travis and all his "guns" that he found on a walk that the kids took.

Landon and Britt playing in the dirt.

My cowboy, Travis heading out to help gather the last of the cows.

The last group of cows coming in.

Pushing the cows into the corrals.

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Carson, Daniel riding with Travis and Christian getting a couple of strays.

Carson on his favorite horse, Chief.

Landon and uncle Jacob.

Landon really enjoyed a piece of jerky someone gave him.

Separating the mama cows from their babies.

The kids ate their lunch on the hill on a rock.

Grandma Asay cooking some yummy burgers!

Landon was so excited to see his dad once he got back from finding cows!

Our family after a day of rounding up cows!

Jacob, Christian and Daniel

Christian took Travis and Carson out for a ride after they had gathered all the cows. They were so excited to be able to ride with their dad. They both LOVE riding horses.


Staci said...

Even after a day of rounding up cattle, your family looks great!

The Asay's said...

All those cowboys are looking cute. Sounds like you all had a great day. We missed being there.

Unknown said...

So FUN! You guys look GREAT! I think the rancher's wife life looks good on you!!!! ;)