Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birthday Boy!

Today is Travis' 4th birthday! He is such a fun-loving boy and we don't know what our lives would be like without him! I remember the day I had him like it was yesterday. He has grown into such a fun little boy...and   he is definitely all boy! It's amazing what a difference four years can make. From a tiny little bundle,

...To a handsome little man!

At four years old, Travis...
*still sucks his thumb
*still loves cowboys...John Wayne and Layne Frost being his favorites
*loves to "work" which means he goes and helps his dad/grandpas/grandmas/uncles do what ever they are doing. He his going to be a great worker when he grows up!
*likes to do anything his big brother is doing and if he's scared to do something, as long as Carson is there to help him, he will do it!
*is still very loud when he does anything, but he's just so excited about it ALL!
*Can recite the first article of faith
*loves his baby brother and is really tender with him

We won't have his party until next weekend because many of his family members were out of town, but we will still plan to celebrate! Travis, we love you and can't imagine our home without you in it! We love everything about you and are excited to see the young man you grow up to be!


The Asay's said...

Happy birthday Travis!

Emily Asay said...

happy birthday big boy!!! :)

Megan Foulger Evans said...

Happy birthday Travy!!!! We sure do love you!!