Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Sunday night, we got to carve our pumpkins. The boys each carefully picked out their designs that they wanted their dad to carve for them. This year, Carson and Travis BOTH cleaned out their pumpkins by themselves. We had to go in and scrap a little on each one at the end, but for the most part they did it on their own! In the end, we had a very nice happy pumpkin, a scary bat and a really cool skull!
starting to scoop out pumpkin guts. Lucky for us this year, the tall pumpkins didn't have a ton of seeds.

This was Landon's reaction to his pumpkin!

Then his dad made him try and touch it...big meanie!

He was ok to be around the pumpkin as long as he was being held. He even decided to touch a seed on his own.

Carson and his crazy face!

Travis thought it was a good idea to use his shirt and pants as his towel instead of asking for one!

This is what happens when Christian gets a hold of the camera.  We get random pictures of body parts!

Christian carving Landon's pumpkin.

After a while, Landon decided it was more fun to camp out under the table.

Travis pretending to eat pumpkin guts. He thought he was pretty funny!

After we were all done, the boys had fun using the little pumpkin carving tools to poke, scrape, and who knows what else to pieces of carved out pumpkin.

Landon and his happy face, Travy and his bat, and Carson and his skull.

Some good looking pumpkins!


The Asay's said...

I love Landon's reaction to the pumpkin carving. Cute boys!

dkasay said...

looks like fun :)

Phillips Family said...

Yeah, our kid had the same reaction to the pumpkin guts that your kid did. No one likes to touch the guts until they have reached the age of 5...proven scientific fact.