Friday, September 2, 2011

3rd Birthday!

Thursday night we celebrated Travis 3rd birthday, and as our luck would have it, the weather was crappy! They had been calling for cooler weather and rain for the day of his birthday, but all day long it had been quite nice, so we were hopeful. When we got to the park at 6 to set up, the wind was blowing like crazy making it impossible for us to put up any of the decorations we had planned :(! We were able to manage keeping the balloons on the tables for about half the time, but had to wedge them in. Despite the crazy wind and chilly weather, Travis had a blast at his party! All most all of his family (a first for my boys) that lives close was there to celebrate his big day! We started with dinner, then sang happy birthday to the birthday boy, ate some cake...minus the ice cream because it was so cold, and then opened gifts. Travis was totally spoiled and got some really fun things for his birthday! Thanks to everyone who came and braved the wind and cold and celebrated with us. We love you Travis and are glad that you are part of our family!