Friday, September 16, 2011

Sibley Lake Adventures

Last week, my mom had my dad take their camper up the Big Horn Mountains so she could enjoy a few days of camping before the season was over. My dad stayed Tuesday and Wednesday with her and then Travis and I decided to drive up and spend Thursday hanging out with her. We didn't get to stay too long because we had to be back by the time Carson got home from school. While we were there, we threw lots of rocks in the lake (Sibley Lake), and river, fed and watched the ducks, and just enjoyed the mountains. I wish we could have stayed the night and enjoyed it all a little more. Friday, my brother and his girlfriend picked the boys up on their way through Lovell and headed up the mountain with the boys to stay the night. Christian and I made plans to go to Billings for the night for one last get-away before the baby comes. We were able to do a session at the temple, eat Texas Roadhouse, and do lots of shopping. It was great to spend time with just my hubby! The boys had a blast on the mountain fishing, feeding the ducks, playing with sticks and being around a campfire. Lucky for me, my brother's girlfriend took her camera and snapped some cute pictures of the boys while they were camping so we could see what fun they had!

Thursday Adventures to the lake...

Camping with Grandma, Jason and Cassie!


Staci said...

What a great weekend for everyone! Lucky boys to have such a great Uncle! The pictures are great!

Megan Foulger said...

haha I love Travy's cowboy hat!