Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Today is Travis' third birthday! Travis is our little fireball and keeps us on our toes! He's definately all boy! At three years old, some of Travy's favorite things are:
*anything having to do with bulls, rodeo, cowboys, etc... He can constantly be found on his stick horse yelling "okay boys, okay boys" like Lane Frost on 8 Seconds and dashing out of the shoot like he's riding a bucking bull

*he LOVES gum! This kid will chew a piece of gum for hours on end! His favorite kinds include pink band aid gum and green and blue gum his grandmas's have in their purses!

*He loves to play with his brother and mimics everything Carson does! They are pretty good little buddies and I'm sure he misses him lots now that school has started

*He can pick a fried chicken leg CLEANer than anyone I know. In fact, this last Saturday, he ate two chicken legs and wanted more but they were gone!

*He still sucks his thumb with no end in sight! He loves to suck his thumb and play with anyone's's, grandma's, and even his little cousin's!

*He's kind of obsessed about armpits. Don't ask me why or how this came about, but he talks about them all the time and randomly inserts the word armpit into about every other sentence...crazy kid!

We love you Travis and are glad that you are part of our family! You make us laugh and keep us on our toes! Happy Birthday to you!!


Staci said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Travis!

Matthew & Charlene said...

Tell Travis happy birthday from us. We miss you guys!

Stacey said...

Armpit! That is funny! He is a cutie for sure! Happy Birthday Travis.