Monday, September 26, 2011

Brown and gold vs. Big Red game

This weekend, Christian and I got to spend the weekend away with our really good friends, the Blomstedts, from McCook. When we heard that Nebraska and Wyoming were going to be playing eachother in football a couple of years ago we thought it would be fun to go to the, because we hadn't been to a UW game for a while and two, because we thought it would be fun to watch the Huskers play since we lived in Nebraska. When we moved from Nebraska, we told our friends that it would be fun to try and meet up in Laramie the weekend of the game and hang out so we could see eachother (we've kind of gone through Blomsted family withdrawals since we've moved here:)). We both tried to get tickets for it and found out that it was going to be pretty much impossible to get any. But, to our surprise, my dad was able to hook us up with four tickets from Pepsi the week before the game and so our weekend away with our friends was back on! The boys spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Foulger and had lots of fun fishing, hot tubing, and playing at the park! Christian and I left Friday night and drove to Casper and stayed the night. Saturday morning, we got up, got ready and headed to Cheyenne for a little shopping. Around two, we met up with the Blomstedts and drove to the game together. We enjoyed some tailgating in the Pepsi tent and then watched the game. Even though the game didn't go in our favor, it was still fun to be with our friends that we miss so much! After the game, we drove back to Cheyenne where we stayed the night. We were lucky to get a room and even luckier to get to share it with our friends since their room accidentally got booked for a different weekend :)! We talked for a few hours after we got to our room, and enjoyed hearing about our branch and friends back in Nebraska. Thanks, Blomstedts, for making the drive to Wyoming to spend the weekend with us. We had fun seeing you guys. Sunday we headed home and picked up the boys in Powell on our way through. Thanks, mom and dad, for allowing our crazy boys to stay with you guys!!

Enjoying our lunch before the game.

Staci, Jason, Christian and I waiting for the game to start!

The beautiful sky during the game. It was a super nice day, making for perfect football weather!


Staci and I. We are both actually expecting with in a few weeks of each other. She is expecting a girl in a couple of weeks and we are expecting a boy a couple after that! (please don't mind the pj's...this was taken just before they left and they were all ready for the day...I ,obviously, was not!)


Brittany H. said...

So much fun!! I loved the fall so much in Provo because of football. And I forgot you were expecting, or maybe never knew!! Congrats!!!! This will seem like the shortest pregnancy me. haha

Stacey said...

Go Pikes! Too bad they did not have a better game. :) You look adorable! So glad you and Christian got away and enjoyed friends.