Monday, April 2, 2012

Conference weekend

We had a GREAT conference weekend. Christian had to work that morning, but the boys and I started the day by listening to Christian's aunt (Stan's sister) talk in the morning session of General Conference. She did a great job. It had been super windy but really warm all day so when Christian got home from work, he said that he would take the boys out to fly a kite after naps. When naps were done, the bigger boys went out to the pasture in front of the house only to find that there was hardly any wind! They tried the best they could to fly the kite, but it didn't last too long!

Carson wanted to take a picture of Landon and I while Travis was taking a turn.

Travis flying the kite with dad's help
A picture of Carson, Landon and I's shadows while we were watching.

Saturday evening, all the guys went to Priesthood meeting so we had our usual girl (and kids) while they were away. We ate dinner, visited, and then my sister in law, Kasi, painted all our toes for us. It was fun to have some time with the girls and do girlie things!

My decorated toes!

It was always tradition for Stan to take the boys out for ice cream after the priesthood session when they were younger. now, since there are a bunch of us, they usually buy a big thing of ice cream and we all get to enjoy some. This year, Jacob made us some yummy chocolate shakes followed by a strawberry shake. The kids show just how good they were!! Sunday, we watched the first session at home then went to grandma and grandpa Asay's house for lunch and the last session. It was so nice to be able to hear from our church leaders this weekend!


The Asay's said...

cute toes. Sounds like a great party