Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New baby lamb!

Grandpa and grandma Asay received a new baby lamb and it's momma last night. Today after school, the boys and I took a trip down to grandma's house to see the new baby. The boys thought it was so cute and could hardly wait for grandpa (who was feeding cows) to get there to catch it for them so that they could hold it!

Waiting for grandpa to come.

Grandpa catching the lamb

Each of the boys took a turn holding it. They did pretty good but were a little nervous about the mamma who was pacing back and forth by her baby.

Newest members at the Asay farm

After they each took a turn holding the lamb, grandpa showed them how to get water for the sheep out of the water trough.


The Asay's said...

So cute. Your boys are such good helpers.

dkasay said...

it's so nice to be close to the farm. Daniel was sad you got your lamb post up before us. I did'nt know he wan't ours up first silly him.

Phillips Family said...

Farm life is so foreign to us. So neat your boys get to have that experience. The closest we get is our neighbors dogs, and the deer that frequent our garden.

Brittany H. said...

So so cute! And so fun for your boys!