Monday, April 23, 2012

Ridin' Solo!

This weekend was full of new experiences (more to come about them) for the boys. One of the new things that both Carson and Travis learned was riding bikes! Travis got a new bike last year for his birthday and he finally got the hang of the whole riding thang. In his defense, we live in the country and it's kind of hard to learn to ride a bike with training wheels on a very uneven dirt get high- centered on rocks too easy! Uncle Jabin finally got him talked into doing it and he didn't want to stop once he figured it all out! Carson, knows how to ride a bike and is good at it, but he mastered riding without his training wheels this weekend too! He just decided he wanted to try it out and it didn't take long at all for him to get the hang of it!! He's pretty much a pro now and can even start going by himself now too! They were both pretty excited to get to ride again today when they could!
 Christian even remembered how to ride a bike! The adults had just as much fun riding around on the big seat bikes as the kids did on their's!


The Asay's said...

So nice that your parents have that big pad so they can relearn to ride their bikes. Carson does such a good job!

dkasay said...

Bikes are so much fun. I always had to crash when I wanted to stop, good thing carson has those long legs.