Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family FUN night

This last week was Mustang Days in Lovell. It's a week long town celebration with lots of fun thing going on. Thursday night, we attended the Follies to watch Aunt Kasi dance with a group of Alumni LHS dancers. Friday night was family fun night at the park. We had never been before so the boys were super excited to go. The park was full of games and treats for the kids. We ate our hot dog dinner first then tried our hardest to spend our 40 tickets (which is way too many) at the game booths. Carson said his favorite booth was throwing the darts at the balloons and Travis'  was the jump house. The boys had lots of fun playing all the games and seeing some of their friends. After the games, we made our way down town to listen to the Cowley Boys play. The boys had fun listening and it looked like they wanted to dance around like the other kids but were too scared to actually do it. They decided it was more fun to run around and play football with some other kids until Travis had a run-in with a park bench and scurffed up his cheek...then it was time to go.
Travis jumping around in the bounce house.

Landon did a great job of cheering on his brothers from the stroller.

Carson trying his luck at the bean bag toss.

Travis trying to ring a couple of ducks so he could get a  prize.

Squirt them, Carson.

Landon and dad enjoying a blue snow cone.

Carson, Travis and their cousin, Stetson trying to get brave enough to join the other kids dancing around.

Carson and his friend Cove listening to the music.

This was the result of Travis hitting the bench. I would say the bench won!