Sunday, June 3, 2012

Strike Two!

We have tried twice now, to take the boat out to the lake, and twice, we have not had good experiences. The first try came on Memorial Day. We had great plans to take it out that afternoon, but we woke up to rain and cold, but still hoped it would clear up.  It never did, so the most action our boat got that day was us wiping it down and trying to set up the new cover for it. We enjoyed a bbq with Christian's family that afternoon instead and then Christian couldn't stand it any longer, and just took the boat out to the lake with Matthew to make sure that it ran.

Cleaning out the boat.

Trying to figure out the new tarp and pole system.
It was cold enough that we had to wear coats and hats that day. Carson was a good help with wiping down the boat.
Our second attempt came this last Saturday. It was finally supposed to be warm after several days of rain and being kind of chilly. We made plans with my parents to meet up and take out both boats. We came out to load the boat and saw some pretty nasty clouds, but decided to head out anyways. My parents ended up not being able to take theirs out because they were having bearing problems on the trailer, so they got to ride with us and I'm glad they did. We headed up the canyon a few miles and then stopped for some fried chicken for lunch. After a little bit, the weather started to take a turn for the worse and we headed out. By the time we made it out of the canyon, the waves were pretty big, getting everyone wet, and it had started to rain. By the time we made it to the dock, it was POURING sheets of rain, blowing like crazy and some lightening. With the help of some other boaters, we were able to get our boat loaded and out of the water! It was crazy how fast the storm came. The boys weren't too impressed with our first boating experience, so here's hoping that the next time it will be better.
Grandma and Landon hanging out.
Christian and Grandpa Foulger enjoying some fried chicken.

Happy faces before the storm came.
Landon slept under the passenger seat area until we stopped for lunch.

This is the storm that was brewing as we headed up the canyon.
 Landon was one happy baby after we got back in the car after getting wet.
After naps, we decided to make the most out of free fishing day and go cat fishing on the river. We roasted some hot dogs and marshmallows and enjoyed being together with all of Christian's family. We actually got to stay for quite awhile until we got rained out...dang storms!
The storm that was coming that night, made for a beautiful sunset.

The beautiful sunset
Everyone hanging out before we got rained out.

Landon hung out in the backpack for most of the night and was really content...sweet potato face and all!

Roasting some hot dogs

Carson and his cousin Stetson playing on the concrete.

Roasting a marshmallow
Travis enjoying his smore

Fishing away. No one caught any fish, and we only had one bite the entire evening out of all the fishermen.


Megan Foulger Evans said...

Man, looks like some fun and wild times! The sunset is awesome and the boat is looking good :)