Tuesday, June 19, 2012


...we made it to the lake, and it was a nice day! We went with my mom and dad last Wednesday and it was beautiful. We took a nice drive up to Barry's Landing in the boat, while we ate some fried chicken(can't boat with out it!) and watermelon. The boys each took several turns on the tube, and had to show off a bit. Once we got to Barry's Landing, we got out and played at the dock for a bit. Landon had a great time sitting in the water splashing! After playing for a bit, we headed back home and saw around 8 Big Horn Sheep. It was a fun afternoon and are waiting until we can go out again!
Munching on some fried chicken. My boys are convinced you can't be on the boat without fried chicken from grandpa's store!

One of the cool features on your way up the canyon to Barry's Landing.

Enjoying some watermelon.

Travis showing off his muscles.

Carson showing off for us.

Landon loved the ride and fell asleep on the way back.

Grandpa Foulger and the two boys hanging out.

Enjoying the ride

Everyone playing at the dock at Barry's Landing.

At first when we would put Landon in the water, he would stick his big toes straight up ...it was too funny!

A look out from Barry's Landing.


Emily Asay said...

looks so fun!

Staci said...

Beautiful! I am so jealous.

Megan Foulger Evans said...

Fun! It's true...you can't go boating without fried chicken!