Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water Bugs!!

My kids have always LOVED the water! Carson, especially loves it! Travis is a little more reserved than Carson but still really enjoys it. It's a really good thing (and probably why they love it so much) because we love the water too and love to play in it. Tuesday, my parents finally had their pool ready and invited us over to play in it. The boys had fun jumping off the side, riding on the floaties and just playing in the water. We enjoyed McDonalds for lunch and then bbq with everyone for dinner.
Carson doing his jump turn trick into the pool.

Travis lounging on the floatie.

Having fun!

Grandma Foulger and the boys.

The boys decided that their floaties were battle ships. Carson was squirting  Travis but Travis was smart enough to use the back of the chair as a shield!

Trying to get warm.

Grandpa's new glasses.

Enjoying an ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Landon had one too and loved it!

One happy (and messy) baby!

Wednesday, we went out in my parent's boat for the afternoon. Christian even took the afternoon off to join us. It was a beautiful day and the water was pretty warm (for the lake) and super calm! It was a great day to be at the lake!!
Landon loved playing with the flag while we were eating lunch.

I managed to get up after not getting to go at all last year due to being pregnant.

Christian found a ski where they went to go cliff jumping. It was crazy to see how much higher the water was last year from where it is this year.

Carson "cliff" jumping. They had a blast doing it.

Travy's turn to jump off the "cliff"

The boys and their cliff jumping sight.

Christian and Travis on our ride back to the dock and right before Travis fell asleep. Boating is hard work!


Matthew & Charlene said...

I love Landon's messy face. So cute. Sounds like loads of fun!

Megan Foulger Evans said...

oh boy! What fun you guys are having without me! :)Love all the pics!