Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We FINALLY got our wee little garden planted this last Tuesday. Because we were so late planting it, the greenhouses around had been pretty well picked through and there weren't many options left. We were able to get our hands on two different types of tomato plants, some banana pepper plants and another sweet pepper plant. We are still trying to find some bell peppers, jalapeno and cucumber plants to add to the garden. We really missed not having one last summer so we are excited to have one this year
Christian brought home a bag full of fertilizer from work, so first we had to mix it up.

The boys preparing the garden spot.

Landon giving me the stink face while he watched the work going on.


Carson got the weeds out of our spot as Christian and Travis turned the soil over.

Carson found a dirt claud that looked like a heart.

Christian spreading some more fertilizer on the garden to work in.

Planing the tomatoes.

Our finished product. Hopefully we can bet a  few more things in there.