Monday, August 6, 2012


Last Thursday, the boys and I headed up the Big Horns to spend the night with my mom who had been up there all week. It's sad to think that we only spent one night camping in the mountains this year, but at least we got to do it. When we first got there, we walked down to Sibley Lake to feed a group of ducks. After feeding the ducks, we went on a like hike up the the hill behind our camp site where the boys decided to have some forts. They worked really hard on knocking down all the branches on their forts. After playing in the forts, we went back and build a fire to cook hot dogs over for dinner and then roast 'mallows over. When we woke up the next morning, it was quite chilly, but the boys still loved playing and feeding the ducks again.
My mom's friend, Cathy had stayed with my mom the night before and went with us to feed the ducks before she left.

Carson checking out the ducks.

Landon played on the mat outside and loved to find the dirt.

Carson sharpening his spear. The boys played indians with another little girl that was camped next to us and they pretended the trees were buffalo that they had to kill.

Travis telling us all about it.

On our hike up the boys' forts.

Landon and Grandma Foulger on the hike.

This was Carson's fort. He went around and tried to hit off all the dead  limbs he could.

Travis thought it was so funny to throw pine cones at me.

Travis had a good time playing in the dirt with his tractors.

Travis roasting his hot dog. I can't remember why he wasn't very happy!

This little boy was a mess after the day was done!

Ever since we had lunch at an A&W and he saw chilli cheese fries, Carson has wanted some. It just so happened that Grandma Foulger had everything to make him some. He loved them and was so excited for them.

Landon had a bath in the sink because he was so dirty. The two older boys thought it looked like fun and wanted/had baths in there too!

The boys feeding the ducks.

Travis throwing some bread to the momma and her babies.

By the time we ran out of bread, there were a total of 16 babies and 4 adult ducks!

One of them even took a cracker from my hand!

Boys being boys. They loved climbing on all the rocks that were in the camp ground.


Emily Asay said...

that looks so fun!! its beautiful up there

The Asay's said...

looks like a blast! I bet your mom loved it.

Megan Foulger Evans said...

Looks like so much fun!! I want to go!