Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Squash boats

Tonight after dinner, we headed outside and made ourselves some boats out of squash from Grandma Asay's garden. Each boy cleaned their's out and added their own sails. After everyone had their's cleaned out, we headed up to the canal and watched to see whose boat made it to the other side of the bridge first. Travis had the winning boat, followed by Carson, Landon, me, and then Christian. Travis got to pick a candy bar as his prize and was so nice to share it with all of us. It's so fun to be able to do little things like this with the boys. They love it and it's always fun to be together as a family!

Christian cutting off the tops of the boats.

Travis scooping out the guts of his squash.

Carson's finished product.

Landon and his boat.

He preferred to do this to it!
Travy's winning boat.

My boat with crazy sails...they didn't help any.

Christian and his boat.

Christian loaded them all in the water for us.

And here they come...

The first one through...Travis'!

Four of the five...Christian's took a bit to catch up to the rest.

#1, Travis and #2, Carson.

Travis and his prize!


dkasay said...

This looks like so much fun we will have to do it one day when britt gets old enough.