Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer good byes

 I can't believe that our summer is almost over. Two weeks from today, Carson will start back to school...AH! We are trying to fit in everything that we haven't done yet in these last few days we have left. Last night, we had a pizza party at the park with all of Christian's family. Christian's brother, Matthew and his family have been here all summer and are headed back to Washington today to go back to school, so we had to party one last time before they left. We enjoyed lots of different kinds of pizza, salad, chips and pop for dinner. The kids had so much fun playing at the playground with eachother. After dinner, we had ice cream cones and then went our separate days! I'm sad to see our summer come to a close, but have some exciting things to look forward to in the future!

The girls (and kids) table.

The guys enjoying the pizza.

Christian and Michael trying to do the trick to the older boys.

The grandkids...minus Ian who must have escaped!
Grandpa and grandma Asay and all their grandkids!