Sunday, August 12, 2012


Last week was a pretty low key week for us. Wednesday, we headed to the lake with my mom and dad for the afternoon. It was BEAUTIFUL! The water was the calmest I had seen it all summer and it was super warm. The boys had a blast playing on the beach up passed Barry's Landing. They threw rock after rock in the water, played with sticks and turned over bunches of rocks to find craw dads. They found two and were lucky enough to get to take them home with them. Wednesday night, the two older boys went to grandma and grandpa Foulger's house for a sleep over.
Carson doing some cliff jumping.

Grandpa and Carson jumping

Grandpa Foulger skiing.

The boys playing on the shore with their sticks.

Landon took a great nap on grandma. It was super warm as you can tell from his rosy cheeks!
Thursday, Christian had meetings in Billings, MT and asked me if I wanted to go with him. I went shopping while he was in meetings and then we met up for lunch at Applebee's, did a little more shopping and then went home. Our big purchase for the day was a new washer and dryer set. My washer finally bit the dust the week before so it was time to get a new one. Friday night, we had a bbq at our house with our family. Last year after Carson's last tball game, we  had a party at our house with everyone. So, when tball ended this year, Carson wanted to have another party. We have been pretty busy this summer and he has been on me every week about having a party, so we finally did. It was fun to have most of our family here for dinner. It rained, so we had to party inside instead of outside.

The boys had fun turning the washer box into their fort. They colored all over it and stuck a whole book of stickers on it. It kept them quite entertained Friday, which was great so that the day would pass quicker until the bbq that night.

Travis decorating away.

Landon thought it was super funny when his brothers would stick their heads in the "window"!

What a cheeser!

Landon getting in on some of the fun.

After I got out of the shower, I found the boys in their fort watching a movie on the ipad.

Christian, Jacob and grandpa Foulger hiding from the rain.

The crew having some dinner.

The kids!

The party man!

The boys were playing super heroes Saturday and decided that Landon needed to be one too! He didn't quite agree with them!


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thanks for a great partY!