Saturday, August 25, 2012

Corn freezing fest!

Last night, we got together with all of Christian's family at his grandma Asay's house to freeze some sweet corn. The guys picked four coolers full of corn plus a a few more dozen and shucked them all before we got to grandma Asay's house. We were able to go at a really good pace when we had happy babies and everyone could help, but as the babies started to get sadder, we slowed down a bit. Everyone took turns eating tacos and helping. We were able to bag 85 things of corn...enough for each family to have 17 bags! I can't wait to eat it this winter!
Christian enjoying the corn instead of doing his job of cutting the kernels off!

Uncle Daniel was in charge of blanching the corn. It looks like a painful job to me!

The three babies were kept happy and quiet with corn cobs that had most of the corn cut off of them! They were sure happy, but it made for some nasty diapers today!

Christian's grandma Asay, and Emily cutting the corn off and Kasi bagging the corn.

Landon LOVED the corn...and it was everywhere! If he dropped his cob, he would pick up another one and gnaw on it!

The kids enjoying tacos and potato oles!

Grandma Asay had a fun bean bag toss in her car that the older kids played with.

Uncle Daniel photo bombing my picture.

Jan, Mildred and Stan's turn to cut and bag.

The kids giving me some funny faces while they played.


The Asay's said...

Yum Yum. Looks like loads of fun.The babies look cute with their corn cobs

Megan said...

What a fun idea! It seems to go a lot faster when you do it with friends or family! I think we might just have to start the "Wilson Corn Freezing Fest" too! BTW- I saw you at Red Apple last week but you were across the store with all your kiddos and I was checking out with all of mine! Hopefully next time we see each other we can catch up! :)

Staci said...

Corn cobs are a yummy baby treat! Looks like a successful gathering.