Sunday, September 9, 2012

Party Time!

We finally got to celebrate Travis 4th birthday this weekend with all of his family.  A portion of our family was gone last weekend when it was his actual birthday for Labor day, so decided to party this last Saturday. He decided he wanted a knight theme party after our visit to Medieval Times in California this summer. The kids all came dressed up as knights and princesses and even a few adults came dressed as the part, and I'm sad that I didn't get a picture of us all before we shed the dress up clothes. Travis requested pizza for dinner, so we ordered Dominoes and had grandpa and grandma Foulger pick it up and bring it over for us. We also had fruit with dip, chips, a veggie salad and pop. Dinner was followed by cake and ice cream and present opening. We managed to get our new house painted the night before so we were able to have the party in our new house...even if we weren't moved it (I will do a before and after post when we are moved in)! We are so thankful for all the family that was able to come and celebrate with us!
The birthday boy all dressed up in his knight armor.

Everyone getting ready to eat.

Jacob, Grandpa Asay and uncle Jason eating some dinner.

Grandma Asay and Janelle dressed up so beautifully.

The cousins, Travis, Stetson, Kandace and Carson.

Landon enjoyed the pizza too!

Uncle Jacob with Kandace, Emily, Michael, Grandma Dorothy, Kasi and Britt and Uncle Daniel.

Two sets of Carson's great grandparents: (great) Grandpa Monk and Donna and great (or really) Grandpa and Grandma Foulger.

Stetson and Carson practicing their fighting skills outside.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Trying to blow out the candles.

What a cute 4 year old boy we have on our hands.

Opening tools from Uncle Jason.

More present opening.

It's a good think Uncle Daniel was here to help cut ribbon off the presents with his knife.

A new tractor!

Kandace loved the blue frosting from the cake!

Every cowboy needs new cowboy boots once in a while!

The little boys loved playing with the new tools Travis got.

Everyone hanging out.

Grandma Dorothy and Emily and Janelle having some cake.

Daniel, Micheal, Grandpa Monk, Jacob and Jason having some cake too.

The kids got glow in the dark axes and they were having a blast playing in the basement where it was dark.

A friend of mine who has some awesome skills drew this sign especially for Travis' birthday! Thanks for the awesome job, Cindy.

Landon getting tickled by his dad!


Emily Asay said...

thanks for the AWESOME party! 2 of my favorite foods (pizza and blairs cake!!) couldn't be better!

Staci said...

What a great party! The new house and yard look great.

Megan said...

What a fun birthday! Glad he had a fun and special day! I love the Knight theme! I also love house! Congrats!

Megan Foulger Evans said...

Happy birthday to Tray! Wish we could have been there to party with you guys :)