Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today, my baby turns 1! It's crazy to think that my bald headed baby is getting so big. Landon, you are so full of personality and you are adored by all of us! You haven't always been the easiest baby (early on...he's become a changed baby now that he is mobile), but we love you with all our heart. At one year old, you:
*have 9 teeth (six on top and three on bottom)
*still aren't walking. In fact, you think it's super funny when we hold on to your hands and try to get you to walk with us.
*Are still very bald, but have some very cute, dark hair in the back.
*have beautiful blue eyes with an almost brown ring in the middle!
*love to have drinks from grandma's pop 
*are still taking a morning and afternoon nap (in your swing) and are finally sleeping better now that you have your own room!!
*love, love, love to watch your brothers play and you think that you are just as big as them and try to get in on the action.
*can moo like a  cow and woof like a dog. You love to go with grandpa Asay to see the cows and get super excited when you hear them.
*try to say "what's that" when you hear noises
*you are great at planking and are going to have abs of steel!
*go up stairs fine, but you haven't mastered going down them
*your favorite blanket is a blue one with bright yellow sunshines. You will go to the dirty clothes and get it if it's time to wash it. You love to sleep with a blanket and know that when you have your blankie, it's time for bed.
*are a good eater and you love cheese and soggy cereal. You are also my messiest eater and cover a three foot radius on the floor around you with food while yo eat.
Happy Birthday, my blue eyed boy! We love you lots!


Emily Asay said...

those pics are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LaNDOn!! :)

The Asay's said...

So crazy he is one! Happy birthday Landon..

Megan said...

What a handsome little man! Happy Birthday! I'm glad you are happy and healthy! Enjoy a fun day just for you!

Kara said...

What a handsome guy! I love his squeal! :)