Monday, April 30, 2012

Round 2

This winter, Christian's boss gave us two little kitties. The boys loved them! A couple months ago, we realized we hadn't seen either of them for a couple of days. The boys didn't really think much of it at first. I guess they thought they would come back. After they never returned, we decided we should get some more. Last week, Christian surprised the boys with two more kitties! A lady that Christian works with had a cat that had a large litter and was willing to give us a couple of. The boys were so excited to have new kitties to replace Mr. Fluffy socks and Machine gun (man I loved those names). The mommy cat ended up leaving the babies so we got them a little earlier than we had planned, but they have enjoyed having them to play with. This time, Travis named his gray one Grayie, and Carson named his Stripes. Let's hope these ones stick around for longer!
The boys seeing what their surprise was in the box.

Travis and Grayie and Carson and  Stripes.


The boys sitting and watching the kitties play outside.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekend Adventures

Friday afternoon, my sister and her husband flew here from Logan, UT to spend the weekend. My sister wanted it to be a surprise, so the boys didn't know that they were coming. My dad told them that we had to go to the airport in Cody to pick up a box that was being flown in. The boys were super excited to see them fly in! Friday night, we were able to just hang out and eat pizza together. Saturday, we had lunch together and then headed out to the shooting range to shoot guns. The boys got to shoot their first guns that afternoon, another new experience for them. After shoot guns for a couple of hours, Jabin, my dad, and Christian headed to Cody to go for a plane ride. They flew around Heart Mountain for a bit and then landed just as the rest of us got to the air port. After their flight, we went and ate dinner at the new China Buffet in Cody. Sunday we met up for lunch after church and enjoyed playing was beautiful! It was a fun weekend and we were so excited to have Megan and Jabin around for a couple of days. The boys were so happy to have two new people to play with!

Travis when we finally figured out who was on the plane!
 Butts and Jabin
 Uncle Jason got the boys rubber band guns and they (along with everyone else) had so much fun shooting the zombie targets that he made for them.
 Landon hung out in the walker for quite a while. He must have thought it was his bouncer because he did a whole lot of bouncing and no moving...unless he was being pushed by an older brother.
 Let the shooting begin!
 We drew an outline of Carson on one of the boxes that they were going to use to attach targets to.
 Carson shooting an air soft gun.
 The gang.
 Me and my sister!
 This is what the boys did most of the time we were there...they played in the dirt that we later got chewed out for doing!

 What a good looking guy!

 Carson and Travis got to shoot Christian's 22 and they thought it was the coolest thing ever!

 My brother, Jason, had a crazy looking zombie target that "bled" when you shot it. Travis had to try the air soft gun on it.
 Landon and Megan hanging out in the car where it wasn't so noisey!
 Carson, Jabin and Travis on top of the dirt pile (right before we got in trouble for doing it)!

The guys getting ready to take off on their flight!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ridin' Solo!

This weekend was full of new experiences (more to come about them) for the boys. One of the new things that both Carson and Travis learned was riding bikes! Travis got a new bike last year for his birthday and he finally got the hang of the whole riding thang. In his defense, we live in the country and it's kind of hard to learn to ride a bike with training wheels on a very uneven dirt get high- centered on rocks too easy! Uncle Jabin finally got him talked into doing it and he didn't want to stop once he figured it all out! Carson, knows how to ride a bike and is good at it, but he mastered riding without his training wheels this weekend too! He just decided he wanted to try it out and it didn't take long at all for him to get the hang of it!! He's pretty much a pro now and can even start going by himself now too! They were both pretty excited to get to ride again today when they could!
 Christian even remembered how to ride a bike! The adults had just as much fun riding around on the big seat bikes as the kids did on their's!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New baby lamb!

Grandpa and grandma Asay received a new baby lamb and it's momma last night. Today after school, the boys and I took a trip down to grandma's house to see the new baby. The boys thought it was so cute and could hardly wait for grandpa (who was feeding cows) to get there to catch it for them so that they could hold it!

Waiting for grandpa to come.

Grandpa catching the lamb

Each of the boys took a turn holding it. They did pretty good but were a little nervous about the mamma who was pacing back and forth by her baby.

Newest members at the Asay farm

After they each took a turn holding the lamb, grandpa showed them how to get water for the sheep out of the water trough.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunay was great this year. The boys woke up to find that their baskets that they left of the the Easter bunny we no longer on the bench where they had left them, and Travis was quite mad about it. They discovered that the Easter bunny had hidden them and they had to find them on their own. We attended church in the morning which was actually Stake Conference for us and got to sit with all of Christian's family...we actually took up one whole roll in the cultural hall. After church, we had lunch at grandma and grandpa Asay's house. We enjoyed a yummy ham, salads, rolls and dessert. After lunch, and a walk down to the corrals to put Landon to sleep, we came back home and enjoyed a visit from grandma and grandpa Foulger. It was a great holiday and were so glad that we were able to spend it with family.

The boys when they discovered that their baskets were no longer in the spot that they left them.

Looking for their baskets.

Travy found his between the couches first and was super excited about the 8 seconds movie he got. The Easter bunny must have known that ours was scratched and needed a new one. I guess that's what happens when you watch it over and over and over and over! :)

Carson found his in the closet.

All three boys and their baskets.
I had to include this one because Landon is making "the stink" face (where he scrunches up his nose and breaths really heavy through his nose) in it and it cracks me up every time I see it!

Checking out what they got in their baskets.

The boys got matching ties in their baskets this year and they sure looked handsome. This was after church and Landon was very much ready to eat and take a nap at this point!