Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggcellent couple of days

Thursday night, we dyed our eggs. The boys had so much fun. I am always remined what cheap entertainment coloring eggs is! This year, the egg coloring kit we bought had 12 different colors in it. A lot of them were repeat colors just lighter or darker versions of them, but it was fun to have some different ones that we hadn't had before. We boiled three dozen eggs (two dozen white eggs and one dozen brown eggs). The boys actually took their time this year and didn't just hurry through their eggs. We had some pretty good looking eggs this year!

Getting ready to color eggs

Christian and his prized green egg he made. It was a pretty cool color.

Travis and two of his eggs

Coloring away

Carson and some of his eggs and a crazy face!

All of Travis' colored eggs. He had to eat one of them before we could get a picture of them.

Christian and I's eggs. We dyed the brown eggs and I thought they turned out pretty neat.

Carson's dozen!

Friday, I took the boys to an egg hunt at the high school. I took them by myself not thinking about the fact that it was going to be hard to watch/photograph/help two boys in two different age groups at the same time. It didn't help that they had toddlers on one end of the field and the pre-k and K group on the total other end of the field! Carson found some of his friends from school and was off with them so it ended up working out ok...just didn't get any pics of him getting his eggs. There weren't a ton of kids this year probably because it was a little bit cold, so each of the boys ended up getting 13 eggs each (and I made Travis stop at that amount). They really enjoyed the candies and little toys that were in the eggs. After the egg hunt, we got a picture of the boys with the Easter Bunny. Carson and Travis kept talking about how huge the bunny was. I guess they were pretty impressed by his size!

Landon hanging out while we waited for the hunting to begin.

Carson and his eggs.

Travis collecting his eggs.

All done hunting for eggs.

My three boys and the giant Easter Bunny

Checking out all the goodies they got. After they emptied the eggs, the boys took turns hiding them in the house for each other to find. I still continue to find the eggs that they didn''s a good thing we were hiding plastic eggs and not real ones!!


Phillips Family said...

Looks like a fun Easter. Nothing more fun than painting eggs, eating too much, and a giant freaky bunny to get pictures with.

dkasay said...

fun busy day with all the easter events looks like fun.

The Asay's said...

Looks like a fun Easter time. Cute pictures of the boys!

jabin said...

Sounds like a great Easter! Love the pictures of the boys posing!