Friday, October 19, 2012

Field trip

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to go with Carson's class, and the other first graders, on a field trip to Billings to a Corn maze. It was so fun to be able to spend the day with Carson...thank you mom for watching the other boys so that I could go with him!  At the corn maze, the kids were able to do TONS of activities. Here are some pictures of what we did:
Our first stop was the pedal cars. They had a track for the kids to drive these cool little pedal cars on.

Next stop was the slides. The kids spend quite a while on these two slides.

We got to ride in these little barrel cows that were pulled around by a 4-wheeler. They took us on a ride around the corn maze.

Even I got to go for a ride.

There was a corn a sand box but full of corn instead! The kids had corn everywhere after being in there!!

This is the little group I was in charge of.

One of the things that I thought was the coolest was the giant lincoln logs. They were pretty fun to work with.

Carson's class working together to build the house.

We got to pack our lunches to take with us. We ate on the straw bales and got attacked by wasps! They were everywhere.

Our biggest challenge was the corn maze! We definitely got lost and had to cheat to get out so that we weren't late getting back on the bus to go home. I can't imagine doing this at night! 

There was a look-out bridge that you could climb to see where you were in the maze.

When you got to the top, you could see the temple!

AFter we made outr way out of the maze, the kids each got to pick out a little pumpkin to take back. Here is all of Carson's class with their pumpkins. There are really only 10 in his's awesome!

Carson and his pumpkin. Can't wait to see what they do with them at school!
We did lots while we were there, but still didn't do everything! Maybe next year we can go as a family and do all the activities!


Emily Asay said...

that looks so fun!

The Asay's said...

What a fun field trip. So glad you got to go with him.