Saturday, October 27, 2012

The last week!

This last week has been pretty uneventful, for the most part. Here are some pictures from stuff we have done in the last week!
Last Friday was Senior night for uncle Jacob. This weekend, they won their first playoff game and head to Big Horn this next week! We hope they win so we can go watch them play in the UW Stadium in the State Championship game!

For family home evening, we made caramel apples and ate them! I love caramel apples!

Friday afternoon, we trick or treated down town with Stetson and Kandace. It was our first time and we didn't quite allow enough time to get to all the businesses. We will know better next year what to expect. Here we have Landon, Carson, Travis, Stetson and Kandace.

My three monsters!

Landon enjoying the ride. It looks nice but it was quite chilly outside! Landon's poor little hands were popsicles by the time we were done!

Today, we made a trip to Cody as a family. The boys got these little play aquariums in their lunches from Wendy's and wanted to get some fish for them. We agreed to get some little 28 cent goldfish for their tanks. We decided later that it would be best for the fish to live in our old beta fish bowl instead of in the tiny little leaky tanks they got in their lunches.

Carson's new pet, Chief.

Travy's new little guy Tutter (which has been the name of our three or maybe four beta fish we have had). Landon has a fish too, but he hasn't been named yet!


dkasay said...

looks like a fun week. Your boys are so stinkin cute!

Megan Foulger Evans said...

I love the pics of the boys holding their fish! Tutted...classic!