Monday, October 15, 2012

In these last days of nice fall weather...

 We have been trying to take advantage of every nice fall day that we have before it turns icky outside. The boys have been riding their bikes as much as they can. They are going to be super sad when it's too cold to want to ride them anymore. They have had so much fun riding up and down the street with friends.Carson and Travis have decided that the three trees in our yard make a pretty good hideout/club house and can be found out there with a loot of swords, guns, binoculars and other important gear like that. We have also played several games of baseball in the backyard...

 There is a pond right next to our house and the trees have been really pretty by them. We took advantage of the nice day yesterday and walked around it to see the ducks and throw some rocks.
On our walk.

The fun little pond.

We had to stop to throw rocks for a bit. Don't worry, the ducks stay on the other side of the pond so they aren't disturbed.
We tried to take a picture but Landon wanted nothing to do with it!

These are the ducks that occupy the pond. Our neighbor take care of them when the winter comes.

And, Landon has been mastering his climbing skills at night when we can't be outside. He loves to climb in the movie basket and then climb out and repeat! He's getting pretty good at it.


The Asay's said...

That's so fun that you guys have that pond right by your house. Landon is getting so big. What a cute climber :)

Emily Asay said...

i love the pic of landon crying with the boys. gotta keep it real, right??! :) your yard is beautiful. so fun to have the pond and all that running room!